The Big Ben Award Committee 大本钟奖组委会主席团


The Big Ben Award Committee for the Year of 2021


Founder 创始人 华裔/ Chair 主席:李俊辰 Jonsson LI

Founder 创始人(外籍:Not  disclosure

Executive Chair 执行主席(外籍-美国):大卫•戴博 Professor David Diebold 2015年度大本钟奖终身成就奖 The Winner of Lifelong Achievement Prize of 2015 Big Ben Awrd, previous business minister counsellor of USA Embassy in the UK.(美国驻英国大使馆商务参赞,美国麻省理工学院MIT戴博家族学术基金会管理人)

Executive Chair  执行主席外籍-英国):梅勒沃斯勋爵 Lord Mereworth 2018年度大本钟奖终身成就奖 The Winner of Lifelong Achievement Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award 国际战略研究院院长

Executive Chair  执行主席(英国):梁菁 Crystal Leung, Female Entrepreneur Prize Winner of 2010 Big Ben Award 2010年度大本钟奖“最佳成就女性英才奖” 

Deputy Director (China) 副主任(中国):张讴 Ou Zhang, Award Winner of 2017 Big Ben Award, Senior Editor of China Central Television  2017年度大本钟奖获奖者 (中国中央电视台资深编导)  

Deputy Director (China) 副主任(中国):汤馥铭 Ariel Tang, Miss China in Canada, 2017 BBA Award Winner  2017年度大本钟奖获奖者 (凤凰卫视中华小姐-加拿大冠军)

Deputy Director and Awards Coorinator (UK & EU) 副主任(英国与欧盟):克里斯蒂安特•文南•焦万尼尼 Christian Vinante Giovannini 2017年度大本钟奖之国际交流促进奖 The Winner of International Network Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award 

Deputy Director and Awards Coorinator (Wales) 副主任(威尔士-英国):林芃 Peng Lin 2018年度大本钟奖之英国十大杰出华人青年奖 The Winner of UK Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award

Deputy Director (Canada) 副主任(加拿大):Justis Kao  2018年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award

Deputy Director (Fiji/Oceania) 副主任(大洋洲斐济):杨鸿濂 Honglian Yang 2017年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出华人青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize of 2017 Big Ben Award 

Deputy Director (USA) 副主任 (美国):方聪毅 Congyi Fang 陈丹青 Michelle Chan   (美国华人青年商会理事长)

Deputy Director (USA) 副主任 (美国):吴南希 Nancy Vuu 2018年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award 世界青年华商会美国分会副会长

Deputy Director (Hong Kong) 副主任(香港):梁心欣 Leung Sam Yan 

Deputy Director (Taiwan) 副主任(台湾):陈磊 Le Chan 

Deputy Director (Egypt / Africa) 副主任(非洲埃及):马强  Qiang MA  2018年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award 世界青年华商会埃及分会副会长

Deputy Director (Ecuador / South Africa) 副主任(南美洲厄瓜多尔):Rebeca Riofrio  2018年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award 世界青年华商会南美分会副会长

Deputy Director (Japan) 副主任(亚洲日本):藤泽麻子 Asako Fujisawa  2018年度大本钟奖之全球十大杰出青年奖 The Winner of Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Prize of 2018 Big Ben Award 世界青年华商会日本分会副会长

The Introducation of Big Ben Award

The aim of Big Ben Award and BCYF is to establish and promote models of high achievers amongst China and the world. The Big Ben Award Committee has established models of excellence amongst youths in various fields, such as technology, economy, education, culture, medical, sport, and etc. 

Planned the end of 20th century and finally established in 2008,BBA aims to establish good examples for young people building their dreams. The Tenet of BBA is: 1) to praise excellent persons by their outstanding achievements in work and society; 2) to set up typical examples; 3) to creat a good atmosphere to cherish talents; 4) to enouage more people to work and develop the field of vision; 5) to encourage young people to actively participate in social services, so as to enable them to improve the social responsibility; 6) to strengthen the influence of the brands, especially in the fileds of finance, city, art, science, education, culture, sport, and etc. 

The BBA has attracted strong response and helped to create an atmosphere of valuable talent across the world, and will also encourage greater entrepreneurial enthusiasm amongst young persons. The Big Ben Award is not just the platform to promote for young persons, companies and brands; it will simultaneously donate by charity events for helping young couple family in life trouble or youth with disabilities.

The award winners include the Olympic Champions, Engineers, Muscians, Artists, Magicians, Pianists, Politicans, TV Hosts, Lyricists, Volunteers, Civil Servants, Journalists, Violinists, Fashion designers, etc.

BBA combines the "Outstanding Prize" (Elizabeth), Individual prize, business prize, Golden Unicorn Prize (Music/Film/Video/Photo/TV), Golden Mulberry Prize (Business/Media/Education), Art Prize, Heracles Prize (Sport), Golden Seagull Prize, Eagle Prize, Golden Canation Prize (Women), Hippokrates of Kos Prize (Physiology and Medicine) and so forth. 

We welcome you to join the charity events where you can enjoy the warm happiness with us.

Contact email:, Download the nomination form by clicking the following link

▲ Rt. Hon. Mark Field MP (Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in the U.K.) Won 2018 Big Ben Award 英国国务大臣、外交部副部长马克菲尔德获大本钟奖

▲Big Ben Award Ten-Year Anniversary (Short) 大本钟奖十周年(短版)

▲ Big Ben Award (2008-2016)

▲ Acceptance Speech by Olympic Champion Jike Zhang

▲ Big Ben Award Award Ceremony by CCTV  大本钟奖颁奖典礼(中央电视台报道)

▲ Big Ben Award Charity Reception by CCTV 大本钟奖慈善酒会(中央电视台报道)

World Famous Pianist LI YUNDI

Pianist celebrity, Yundi LI, won the Big Ben Award in 2016 by the presentation of Thomas Chan DL, Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Redbridge.

DING Junhui got the Big Ben Award on 2011.

Snooker world Champion, Junhui DING, got the 2010 Big Ben Award Ten Outstanding Young Chinese Prizes.

Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson was presented the Big Ben Award in 2009.

Violinist Celebrity, Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson also got the Big Ben Award in the past years.

House of Fraser COO Peter Gross was presented the 2016 Big Ben Award on behalf of the parent-company, Sanpower.

Eason Chan, one of the most famous singer in Chinese world, got the Big Ben Award on 2010.

Singer and Actor Celebrity, Eason CHAN, was presented the Big Ben Award in London by BBA founder, Y Jonsson Li.

Marco FU got the Big Ben Award on May 2009.

Marco Fu, the world snooker champion, was presented the award in the 2009 Big Ben Award & Outstanding Young Persons Charity Ceremony by Lord Pendry (right) and Alan Yau OBE, who is best known for founding the Wagamama food chain in the United Kingdom and also the Hakkasan and Yauatcha.

Ching-He Huang, British Chinese food expert,  was presented the Big Ben Award on 2009.

Won the Big Ben Award in 2009, Ching-He Huang, the lady from Taiwan, is a British Chinese food writer and TV chef and is the author of six best-selling cookbooks.

Established in 2008 the BBA sow a distinguished list of awardee and presenters:

Don McCarthy (Former Chairman of House of Frasers)

Wendi Deng Murdoch,(Chinese-American movie producer, third wife of News Corporation chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch)  

David Tyler (Chairman of Sainsbury’s)

Violinist Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson

Pianist celebrity, Yundi LI, the youngest winner of the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition.

Zhuqi Ke (President of UK China Jiangxi Association)

Snooker world Champion, Junhui DING

YAO Ming (Chair of China Basketball Association, and former NBA Player)

Sanpower Senior Vice President Leo Yue Lei.

Parent-company of House of Fraser/Sanpower (Former COO Peter Gross and former CEO Nigel Oddy)

Yick Kuen Peter Lam (Chair of Royal China Group, U.K.),

Hong Kong Singer and Actor Celebrity, Eason CHAN.

Marco Fu, Former world snooker champion.

Phenix TV Host and Deputy News Director Lele Li.

Phenix TV anchor Scarlett Zhao.

International presenter Lindsay Liu.

International Opera Singer Isabella Wang.

Angelica Anton CEO of Silk Group.

Maurizio Bragagni MEB CEO of Tratos Group.

Molly Samuel Mbe Mbe 8 times Karate World Champion, 1987 sports Woman of the year UK , 2 times Parliamentary Candidate.

Chinese TV Host WANG Han.

Chinese TV Host HE Jiong,

Chinese Actor Celebrity REN Quan,

Olympic Diving Champion Aisen Chen

Olympic Pingpong Champion Yaping Deng

Olympic Female volleyball Champion Lang Ping

and More. 

The Chinese Introduction of Big Ben Award

大本钟奖评选正式筹备于2008年,但更早的源头可以追溯至20世纪末21世纪初的时代,经过几代华裔青年创始人与外籍合伙人的努力,大本钟奖的影响力越来越大。大本钟奖引起大家的关注并不是在今年,早在2009年的慈善颁奖典礼,其创造性的创新理念就吸引了世人的目光,并引起了 世界各国的广泛关注。

大本钟奖的评选是为了表扬在工作上具卓越成就及对社会有贡献的人士和机构品牌;树立不同领域、不同行业优秀人士的典型 ; 在社会营造珍惜人才、爱护人才的良好氛围;激励更多青年勤奋工作、开拓创新、无私奉献 ; 鼓励青年人积极参与社会服务,从而使他们为改善社会,担当更重要的责任;加强中国和华人在国际上的影响力,加强“中国品牌”(城市、科教文卫、财经等)在国际上的影响力。大本钟奖的评选不仅仅是为了宣传杰出青年、杰出华人、企业和品牌,同时还通过慈善机构将评选所获得的企业品牌推广相关费用投入慈善公益事业,为全球范围内具有华人血统的、但家庭情况较为困难,或者身有残疾的年轻人贡献一份爱心。


大本钟奖目前下设伊丽莎白奖(十杰奖) 、个人奖、企业奖、金独角兽奖(影视音乐)、金桑树奖(商业财经金融)、神工奖(工艺美术艺术设计)、赫拉特勒斯奖(体育)、金康乃馨奖(女性)、希波克拉底奖(生理及医学类)以及城市和品牌排行榜等,被誉为全球精英青年领域与杰出人士以及国际友人成就展示平台的“达沃斯”,旨在表彰工作上具卓越成就及对社会有贡献之人士,树立不同领域、不同行业优秀楷模,用榜样的力量影响下一代人,帮助下一代人建立新的世界观、价值观、人生观,承担起对未来全球的责任。



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