A Successful Night for 2016 Big Ben Award Charity Ceremony and 12th WEYL Summit




The Group Photo of Part of the Big Ben Award Winners of the Year of 2016

Key Note Speech by Christian Vivante Giovannini, Founding Chairman of Cities of London and Westminster Conservatives Italian Group

YUE Lei was presented the Big Ben Award Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Person Prize trophy and certifications.

The 2016 BIG BEN AWARD & Global Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection Charity Ceremony and the 12th World Elite Young Leaders Summit were held at the London Central Hall Westminster in the UK on 15 October, 2016. This event was organized by the World Chamber of Commerce Industry and Economy, British Chinese Youth Federation, Overseas Cultural Relics Protection Foundation, etc.  The Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair sent his wishes through the official office. Mr. JIN Xu, the Commercial Counselor from the Chinese Embassy, sent his best wishes and expressed that it was a pity he could not attend the ceremony because of an official government affair.

The Big Ben Award Global Ten Outstanding Chinese Young Chinese included YUE Lei (SanPower Group, Mainland China), WANG Han (Hunan TV, Mainland China), LI Yundi (Pianist, Hong Kong SAR), Yick Kuen Peter Lam (Royal China Group, U.K.), Austin Fang (Reaty Group, Taiwan China), YE Kangmiao (Brazil China Chamber of Commerce) , Wen Shan Vincent Fang (Lyricist, Taiwan China), LIN Haiyin (Photographer, U.S.A.), CHEN Guangping (Netherlands Chinese Youth Federation) and SUN Tielin (Professional, Mainland China).

The keynote speakers included Christian Vivante Giovannini, Founding Chairman of Cities of London and Westminster Conservatives Italian Group; Mei Sim Lai OBE DL, Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Brent,Honorary Secretary of the City Branch of the Institute of Directors; David K. Diebold, former Commercial Minister at the US Embassy in London and long-time booster of  Sino-UK and US trade and investment, former Trustee of the American Management Association and Chairman of its International Advisory Council, and his family's representative in regard to the Diebold Scholarship Program at MIT's Sloan School of Management. They each expressed their congratulations to the Big Ben Award winners, and to Jonnson and his team, and the sponsors, who drive it forward. Professor Diebold said: "I am so honored to be here, and to extend my congratulations to the winners of the Big Ben Award. Chinese students and young executives are making a growing contribution to our world, and it's important to recognize that. Jonsson, thank you too for everything you have done to develop this wonderful program. Thank you all."

The theme of the Charity Award Ceremony and the 12th Summit was the Protection of Environment, Wildlife and Lost Culture Relics. Professor Jonsson Yinya Li, the angel investor of Big Ben Award and President of British Chinese Youth Federation, indicated the importance of the protection of environment and lost culture relics, the policy of one belt one road, the start up and innovation policy, and also the pursuit of China united. In YUE Lei’s keynote speech, he reviewed his honor appointment of the Ambassador for the United for Wildlife (UfW), which was established by British Royal Highness Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. YUE said, honor is fleeting, but the mission itself is lasting. All things in the world are interconnected. It is the unremitting efforts that lead to an honor, but that honor requires further commitments to live up to. Since his inauguration, with the help from various parties, he has launched several campaigns in China to promote wildlife protection. Once again, he would like to take the charity ceremony and summit opportunity to call for the attention and support for the efforts. YUE call on that “Even if we could not change the past, but we can definitely seize and change the future. What’s more important is, we must have a shared goal and work closely with each other to send our signal of action to every corner of the world. We shall try to make ourselves the vital enemy of the poachers.”

The other outstanding persons award winners from the five continents (UK, Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania) included KANG Qing (Solicitor), WANG Shanshan (Scientist), LI Le (Phoenix TV Host), Cllr Xingang WANG JP,  FANG Congyi (Professional), LIU Chao (International Development Prize Art & Education), ZHANG Le (Professional), Lord Wei, etc. WANG Si from London won the Year of 2016 Art Innovation Contribution Prize of Big Ben Award. Perry Fung won the Year of 2016 Charity Community Contribution Prize of Big Ben Award. ZHAO Yan won the Most Admired Host (Television Sector) of Golden Unicorn Prize of Big Ben Award of the Year 2016.

KE Zhuqi, President of the UK Jiangxi Association and Advisor of Overseas Cultural Relics Protection Foundation was presented the Lifelong Achievement Prize of 2016 Big Ben Award by Daniel CHEN Hong, Managing Director of Wanda One (UK), and David Parkinson, Chairman of the Board of DPS Global Ltd.

The Big Ben Award also ranked the lists of City of International Development, Start Up and Innovation, General Brand Influence, and Fashion Brand Influence, which were championed to the cities of Hang Zhou, Jiang Men (Wu Yi), Lhasa, Hong Kong, Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Hermès, EXCEPTION. The city of Jiangmen was highly recognized as the champion city of encouraging people to do business creatively and driving innovation through voting by young persons around the world.

Royal China Group won the Most Admired Business Contribution Prize Golden Mulberry Big Ben Award of the Year 2016. SeeWoo won the Most Admired Social Responsibility Prize Golden Mulberry BIG BEN AWARD of the Year 2016.

Stanley Tse won the International Business Leader of the Big Ben Award of the Year 2016. Because of the successful international M&A and the charity contribution, SanPower Group was awarded as the Golden Age One Belt One Road Special Contribution Prize of Big Ben Award.

Monk Comes Down the Mountain became the most significant winner in the Golden Unicorn Prize of 2016 Big Ben Award. The film won the Most Admired Prizes in Film, Director (CHEN Kaige), Supporting Actress (DONG Qi), Original Song, Art Direction, Costume Design, Visual Effects (Animal Logic), Cinematography (Geoffrey Simpson), Original Score (Kluse Badelt) , Action, etc.

The other winners in the sector of Golden Unicorn Prize include YU Xiaoguang (Actor), ZHAO Wei (Actress), ZHAO Yan (Host), Wesley Wong (New Actor), WANG Li (New Director), YAO Lu (Supporting Actor), CHEN Zhixi (Producer), Tencent Video (Innovation), XI Zhongxun (Documentary), 《Where Are We Going, Dad?》(TV Show), Profess Hong Kong (Visual Effects and Business Potential Development Prize), ZOU Xiaohua (Visual Effects Prize Photography), WANG Fei (Original Screenplay), etc.

The Golden Mulberry Prizes are awarded in the field of economy, finance and media. The most admired winners were Guangdong Baocheng Law Firm, LEI Jun (Angel Investor), JIN Xuejun (Zhejiang University, Economist), The Paper (New Media), Rayli (Fashion Media), QIAN Xuehong (Young Financier), TANG Dajie (Investor),etc.

There were a few greetings from the British society as Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club, mentioned that these awards demonstrate the effect and development of role models and roles. Congratulations to you all. “I am proud of you! ”

Rt Hon Mark Field MP wrote the following in his letter: “I offer a warm welcome this evening to guests of the Big Ben Award and GTOCYP Charity Ceremony, where the outstanding achievements of young people from the Chinese community are celebrated – achievements that not only contribute enormously to British life but which inspire others to make the best of their own skills and resources. In particular, I should like to congratulate the winner of the Big Ben Award. They find themselves in good company with previous winners ranging from the NBA star, Yao Ming, to the world-famous violinist, Vanessa Mae. But the Award equally celebrates outstanding work in fields such as social work, finance and business. Young people in our society should place no limits upon themselves if they have the talent, determination and focus to excel. I hope that in applauding the efforts and achievements of tonight’s winners, they will be encouraged to realize their own aspirations. With best wishes ”

Greetings from Sir Vince Cable, former Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK, said: “British young people of Chinese origin already make a disproportionate contribution to British society through outstanding work in the academic world, the arts, business and the professions. It is right that we should honor success and this Award is a very positive way of doing so. My very best wishes and congratulations to the Big Ben Award winners.”

The honored VIP guests and award presenters who participated in the charity ceremony and 12th Summit are as below:  Thomas Chan, Representative Deputy Lieutenant for the London Borough of Redbridge, HM Lord Lieutenant of Greater London, ZHU Xiaojiu, the legal advisor of British Chinese Youth Federation, partner of Cruickshank Limited; Terry Tai, Founder of the Chinese and British Musicians Association; David Tang, Senior Vice President of UK Chinese Business Association, Dr Ramin Khadem, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the International Space University (France), Tina Yam, Secretary General of Scotland Oversea Chinese Society Federation, Vice president of Chinese women federation;  KE Jianyi, Wales Fujian Business Chamber; LI Li, President of British Chinese Cultural Society, Chair of UK Northeast China Association; Nigel Oddy, CEO of House of Fraser; Peter Gross, COO of House of Fraser; YANG Rushan, the Vice President of UK Shanghai Association; Sarah HE, Committee Member of British Chinese Youth Federation, the President of Kirin Group; DENG Yan, Deputy Director, Overseas Chinese Lost Relics Protection Foundation; HANB Shengjie, UK Heilongjiang Business Association; William Franklin, The Founder and CEO of China Investors Club; Admiral Cristiano Aliperta, the representative from the Italian Society in the UK, etc.

The BBA Charity Ceremony began with a performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” Operatic Soprano from Puccini’s Gianni Schicchi by WANG Beibei, who is the Chief Soprano Soloist of London International Sinfonia and Artistic Director of East West Arts Initiative. 

Ms. Crystal Leung, the winner of International Female Entrepreneur Prize of Big Award of the Year of 2010 gave an opening speech for the Award Ceremony. Subsequently, the chief director and host Adelina Zhang, as well as hosts Damon Han and four others introduced the award winners of organization and individuals, audience warmly applaud during the BBA moment. Next came the exciting Antique Charity Auction session. The income from this will be donated to the charity organisation. The Bidders were XI Yang, Professor Jonsson Yinya Li, YUE Lei and GU Bin, and WU Haitao.

The cello soloist ZHANG Hong's wonderful performance won warm applause from the audience. This Award Ceremony also invited the famous magician Mr. WANG Si to present his wonderful magic show. Finally, the ceremony ended with the Xinjiang dance performances by ZHAO Liping.

The award winner LI Yundi also was presented as “Big Ben Award 2016 Cultural Exchange Ambassador” and the Honorable Member of British Chinese Youth Federation. The award winner WAN Han was presented as “Big Ben Award 2016 Chariy Ambassador". The Award winner Yick Kuen Lam was presented as the Honorable President of British Chinese Youth Federation.

Likewise, this year the Big Ben Award has drawn attention not only from both UK and China, but also from the Europe to America, from Africa, Asia to Oceania. The profits gained from the box office, advertisement and audition will be deducted from the cost and donated to charities including the British Chinese Youth development Fund, Sun Yat-sen Youth League, Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Overseas Chinese Cultural Relics Protection foundation, Chinese Youth Development Foundation, Prince of Wales Foundation, etc.

They are Professor Jonsson Yinya Li gave the special thanks and presented the BBA and Summit Contribution Certificate for all the contributors and volunteers, who worked for the charity ceremony and summit include LI Weiwei, NONG Kedi, LI Le, HAN Hao, ZHANG Ning, PAN Ziyuan, ZHANG Youlv, GAO Xiaoshu, MA Yuxin, LIN Jianying, LV Wenbo, ZHAO Yijun, ZHU Danna, CHEN Zhixiao, HUANG Yanlin, DING Ning, LIAO Ziyi, XIE Yingsi, XU Xiaoqing, YAN Yiqiao, LIU Jiahui, LIN Jiawei, LAN Jingran, GAO Yizhen, ZHANG Xi, WU Haitao, ZHU Li, LIAO Ziyi, XIE Yingsi, etc..

The Big Ben Awards, also known as Elisabeth Awards, originated from Britain. It includes the “Outstanding Ten Award” (including Chinese and overseas), Individual Awards, Corporate / Business / Group Award, Golden Unicorn Award (photography / video / music / movies / TV ), Golden Mulberry Award ( Finance / Economics / Finance ), Art Award, Heracles Award (Sport) and so forth. These awards will cover fields of economics, culture, technology, sports, etc.

The President of the People’s Republic of China XI Jinping once said: “The youth is the most lively and vigorous generation who is full of dreams and passion. The country will not be flourishing without their efforts and the country will only be strong if the youth contribute its strength. If the great youth generation has ideals and responsibilities, the country will have its future and the nation will have its hope. ‘Chinese dream’ is ours but more belongs to the younger generation. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will come to reality eventually with the contribution of our younger generation. To achieve the spectacular ‘Chinese dream’ for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is the theme for the Chinese youth movement. The country, the nation and every single Chinese including the youth are aiming for the same, which is, to achieve the ‘Chinese dream’. A man who achieved the ‘Chinese dream’ could also obtain his own individual goal. A man will be successful only if he integrates his individual goal into the dream of achieving the prosperity of the nation and the country.”

Founded in 2008, the Big Ben Award focuses on offering a platform which helps to build moral models for the young persons. The award committee hopes to play a significant role in inspiring the next generation in order to help the youth to rebuild the values towards the world, the society and lives which will encourage them to take the responsibility of revitalizing the world in the future. Furthermore, the Big Ben Award will utilize the resources both from overseas to connect countries with the world neatly and tightly, to build an irreplaceable stage where young persons can realize their personal values and serve the country and push the nation to stand out in the world.

The selection principle is to praise those young people who contribute greatly at work and to  society and set up the role models in different fields and industries. Also, it will create a caring atmosphere that the society value and regard highly the talents in overseas society and encourage more young persons to work harder, create broader and contribute more selflessly. Meanwhile, the Big Ben Award heartens the youth to join social service and take responsibility of making society better.

BBA has become influential globally and reported by the media from countries and places, such as UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Germany, and etc. The Big Ben Award is not just the platform to promote for young persons, companies and brands; it will simultaneously donate by charity events for helping young couple family in life trouble or youth with disabilities.

The Tenets of BBA are the following:

1) To praise young persons by their outstanding achievements in work and society;

2) To set up typical examples;

3) To create a good atmosphere to cherish talents;

4) To encourage more young people to work hard and develop the field of vision;

5) To encourage young people to actively participate in social services, so as to enable them to improve the social responsibility;

6) To strengthen the influence of the brands, especially in the field of finance, city, art, science, education, culture, sport, and etc.

The perious BBA award personal winners include Eason Chan (Singer), Louis Cha (Writer) , Marco Fu (Snooker Player), Vanessa-Mae (Violinist), DING Junhui (Snooker Player), BO Guagua, Gok Wan, YAO Ming (Basket Ball Player), DENG Yaping, HAN Gen and etc. The perious BBA award organization winners include HK-TVB Europe, LSE, VANKE, Industry Bank, NBD, Tsinghua Press, and etc.

Due to the recognition of the government and the royal families, the BBA Awards have been reported by many media, including the BBC、Financial Times (UK), Sing Tao Daily (Europe), People's Daily (China), European United Weekly (Holland), European Daily (France), Overseas Chinese Daily (USA), China Central Television (China), Leading Oriental News UK, China News Service (China), Xinhua News Agency (China), Hong Kong China News Agency, Beijing Radio, China Central Radio, China International Radio, Elle (China), QQ.com, Sina.com, Alibaba.com, China.com, 163.com, Economy Daily (China), Ta Kung Pao (Hong Kong), Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong), Chinese News (Africa), Community News (Russia), Global News (Poland), China Weekly (Greece), Xinhua News (Korea), Street News (Italy), Chinese Internet Television (Canada), Chinese News (South Africa), News Guide (Hungary), Mirror (Hong Kong), Fiji Daily, West Times (Japan), Thailand Star Daily, Chinese Weekly (Egypt), Evening Standard (Kampuchea Phnom Penh), Macau Daily, Peru News ……



Red Carpet Walking and Signing: David Parkinson, Chairman of the Board of DPS Global Ltd.


Professor Jonsson Yinya Li presented the BBA and Summit Contribution Certification for all the contributors and volunteers.

Red Carpet Walking: BBA and Summit Committee member and the cast

WANG Si was presented the Year of 2016 Art Innovation Contribution Prize of Big Ben Award

WANG Shanshan and Cllr Xingang WANG JP were presented the Big Ben Award UK & Europe Outstanding Chinese Young Person Prize trophy and certifications.


 Lucy Mitchell was presented the award on behalf of SeeWoo, which won the Most Admired Social Responsibility Prize Golden Mulberry BIG BEN AWARD of the Year 2016.


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