1. Eligibility

If you think you are unique and outstanding, please find a referee recommendating you to be the candidate of The Big Ben Award

Si vous vous considérez unique et exceptionnel, demandez à un arbitre de vous recommander pour le grand prix Ben.


Si crees que eres único y excepcional, por favor encuentra un árbitro que te recomiende como candidato al Gran Premio Ben


Se pensi di essere unico e eccezionale, per favore trova un arbitro che ti consiglia di essere il candidato del Big Ben Award

Wenn Sie denken, dass Sie einzigartig und herausragend sind, finden Sie bitte einen Schiedsrichter, der Ihnen empfiehlt, Kandidat für den Big Ben Award zu werden.

если вы считаете себя уникальным и выдающимся, обратитесь к судье

만약 당신이 유일무이하고 걸출하다고 생각한다면, 당신을 대본종상 후보로 추천하는 심판을 찾아보세요

BBA aims to establish good examples for young people building their dreams.

BBA also would like to assist young people expanding the positive energy for building the better future of the world.

Welcome the Sponsorship for more charity cooperation.


2. Application

We pride ourselves in delivering the best.



Nomination Forms in Difference Languages for Download

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Cliquez sur la langue suivante pour télécharger le formulaire de recommandation


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Clicca sulla seguente lingua per scaricare il modulo di raccomandazione

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Review Process

3. Review Process

Down Load the Form

We will contact you when your reference form been our place for more information.


4. Success

The first step to be the Shortlist and then be the winner.

Not all the judges will be made public.

Apply Below!

Ask Your Referee or Yourself Contact Us for detail Now!


what WINNERS are saying

“I am delighted to receive the Big Ben Award this year and I am very excited about that. I have done a lot of travelling to the region of Pacific and Aisa.” On 30 October 2018, the Big Ben Award Committee held a press communication meeting in London to announce that Rt. Hon Mark Field MP, Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, won the the Politician of the Year 2018 Prize of Big Ben Award for his remarkable contribution in the area of Foreign Affairs and is respected by most diplomats and carrying the good relationship among UK and other countries in Pacific and Aisa.

When we talk about International Relations what do we really mean? Is it just trade deals, and political advantages? For me International Relations crosses so many more barriers than even we recognise sometimes. The sharing of art and culture. Teaching each other. Accepting each other. Respecting each other. In this case, awarding each other for recognising the work done to promote learning and the grasping of opportunities. My congratulations to all nominees here, and my thank you again to the Big Ben Committee for this honour. Thank you again so much I really really appreciate this medal.


The closer it is to the way of real Kung Fu, The simpler the expression, the better the Kung Fu and learning the philosophy of being a man. It’s the same for me, so I like Wing Chun very much, Thank you The BBA Committee for presenting this award to me. For me, this award has a dual meaning. Martial arts is the most important thing in my life. Because of martial arts, I can stand on this stage today. This award also proves that the path I have chosen and adhered to for many years is correct. I am happy to bring this award back to Hong Kong and give her this year’s birthday gift in two days! Thank you mum I love you mum!