The Big Ben Award (BBA)

The Big Ben Award (BBA) is also known as Elizabeth Award in Chinese. 

Established in 2008, BBA aims to establish good examples for young people building their dreams. BBA also would like to assist young people expanding the positive energy for building the better future of the world.

BBA encourages overseas persons devoting their resources to the love of motherland. Any country, including UK, China, US, and etc, cannot develop itself in isolation of the world, and the world also needs those countries for its development. Undoubtedly, BBA makes a unique contribution to the social integration.

BBA has become influential globally and reported by the media from countries and places, such as UK, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Germany, and etc.

The Tenet of BBA:

1) To praise young persons and organizations by their outstanding achievements in work and society;

2) To set up typical examples;

3) To create a good atmosphere to cherish talents;

4) To encourage more young people to work hard and develop the field of vision;

5) To encourage young people to actively participate in social services, so as to enable them to improve the social responsibility;

6) To strengthen the influence of the brands, especially in the field of finance, city, art, science, education, culture, sport, and etc.

The Big Ben Award is not just the platform to promote for young persons, companies and brands; it will simultaneously donate by charity events for helping young couple family in life trouble or youth with disabilities.

▲ Rt. Hon. Mark Field MP Won 2018 Big Ben Award 英国国务大臣、外交部副部长马克菲尔德获大本钟奖

▲Big Ben Award Ten-Year Anniversary (Short) 大本钟奖十周年(短版)

▲ Big Ben Award (2008-2016)

▲ Big Ben Award Award Ceremony by CCTV  大本钟奖颁奖典礼(中央电视台报道) 

▲ Big Ben Award Charity Reception by CCTV 大本钟奖慈善酒会(中央电视台报道) 

The Founder of Big Ben Award

Jonsson Yinya Li founded the Big Ben Award on 2008 with few partners. 

Jonsson Yinya Li, published his first book, also the First English Book, Investing in China in the UK and US when he was 26 years old. Easily found in the Amazon, the book of Investing in China is also collected by the British Library and Harvard Business School. 

Mr. Li worked as the professional in the Top 500 Companies in the World at London and the ranking No.1 VC/PE investment company in China. He is the member of the Sotheby’s and Christie's Auction and called as the outstanding young leaders of promoting culture relics returning to the motherland. And he was awarded as the Outstanding Chinese Young Persons Prize (2016) of the World Youth Conference, the Oustanding Chinese Society Leadership Prize (2011) of Asia Pacific Chinese Leaders Association (presented by the ex-Deputy Prime Minister of Chinese government), and etc. 

Mr. Li published hundred of thesises on Financial Times, Shanghai Securites News, China Daily and academic jounrals. He published six books in the filed of politicis, economy, finance, national strategy, includes the Investing In China, The City of London, Venture Capital and Private Equity in China, Financial Wars, Tony Blair (1997-2007). 

He acts as the main leadership of British Chinese Youth Federation, European Chinese Youth Federation, World Young Leaders Chamber, and others. 

He was appointed as the Inviting Research Fellow of Peking University(2010), Inviting Professor (2006) and Inviting Senior Research Fellow (2004) of Renmin University, the Standing Committee Member of Zhejiang International Finance Academy(2009), Standing Committee Member of the Angel Investment Association of China Ministry of Technology(2012), Assistant Director of Venture Capital and Private Equity Professional Research Committee of China Management Academy(2015), and etc.

Between 2002-2004, he took part in the key project of Venture Capital and High Technology by leading of China Ministry of Technology and Ministry of Education. 

Mr. Li is also the founder of Leading Oriental News (from 2002) and British Chinese Youth Federation (from 2002). 

He is a popular and well-known speaker with the forum and conference by the backgroup of the offcials, think tank, and university, for the topic of the economy, financial investment development of China, the relationship between China and western world, and etc. He was invited to have the speech in Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs), Harvard University, Cambridge University, London School of Economics and Political Science, Southampton University, Univeristy of Nottingham, University of Manchester, Peking Univeristy, Tsinghua University, Wuhan University, Xiamen University, University of Science and Technology of China, Wuyi Univeristy, China University of Mining and Technology, Jiangsu University, and etc.



      大本钟奖引起大家的关注并不是在今年,早在2009年的慈善颁奖典礼,其创造性的理念就吸引了世人的目光,并引起了 世界各国的广泛关注。大本钟奖的慈善公益颁奖典礼在未来也将在除了英国之外的其他国家举行。

      大本钟奖的评选是为了表扬在工作上具卓越成就及对社会有贡献的青年和机构品牌;树立不同领域、不同行业优秀青年的典型 ; 在社会营造珍惜人才、爱护人才的良好氛围;激励更多青年勤奋工作、开拓创新、无私奉献 ; 鼓励青年人积极参与社会服务,从而使他们为改善社会,担当更重要的责任;加强中国和华人在国际上的影响力,加强“中国品牌”(城市、科教文卫、财经等)在国际上的影响力。大本钟奖的评选不仅仅是为了宣传杰出青年、企业和品牌,同时还通过慈善机构将评选所获得的企业品牌推广相关费用投入慈善公益事业,为全球范围内具有华人血统的、但家庭情况较为困难,或者身有残疾的年轻人贡献一份爱心。



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